By: Lisa Ginel



May 5, 2016

Well Hello!  I have been looking forward to writing my second Blog.  So much going on, but I am challenged to keep it short, sweet and focused, as I remain amazed to all of the awesome adventures that have taken place since my last and first ever attempt at blogging!  I don't believe I would have believed how wonderfully full my life is on an almost everyday basis, if I wasn't blogging these days.  LOVING THIS.

So lets start with skin and its' maintenance.  If you are adamant about taking your skin to the next level you should understand and exercise maintenance.  Maintenance is "the" key factor to achieving your skin's ideal potential.  Ideally, if you can commit to 3-4 consecutive monthly facial appointments, you are indeed well on your way to seeing positive results.  Summer is fast approaching and while a series of peels, in my opinion, are your best defense against premature-aging skin, dermaplaning is a MUST for GREAT looking skin NOW and all year around!  That's right ladies google your nearest dermatologist/plastic surgeon's office for dermaplaning.  If you need a referral I have a great network of Doctors' offices with exceptional esthetician's who perform this procedure in various states and I would be more than happy to connect you with one of them.  Send your inquiry to and type "dermaplane referral" in the subject line.

That's it for now.   Actually not really, I need to get ready for my son's flag football playoffs, working with one of my true favorite co-workers, who keeps my high energy in tact with her ever so calm demeanor.  Yes, I am and have been lucky to work with many highly competent people and we are a great team as Breast Augmentation and Eurolifts are booked through May, putting together looks for upcoming weekend wedding makeovers for the next couple of months in San Diego,  attempting the portion control for my upcoming trip to Hawaii this month, mother's day and I'm sure a host of other things that are not yet etched in my brain, but thankfully in my planner.  Oh yes, a friend who is having me as her patient for her final...she is going to be a Dentist soon and I adore her!, Hope you all have a great weekend, don't forget your sunscreen.  Remember Bob Marley died of skin cancer that was found on his toe.  If you think you do not need sunscreen use it anyway and apply every 2 hours to be safe.  While you are at it please don't forget to pack a SPF 35 or higher spray for your kids to use while at school.  Prevention, knowledge and awareness can and is a force to many of things. 

                                                                             HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

                                        Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called LIFE...



April 24, 2016

Cool ~ I'm here with my first blog and have no real content, just my thoughts and I'm figuring it's all that is probably needed because I completely entertain myself and hopefully some readers too.  Hell, maybe even motivate some, because I'm pretty good at that too.  I mean who isn't inspired by greatness!  Not that I'm greatness, but I'm sure on some level and in one or more areas I am pretty damn great!  After-all, my LOVE for what I do is beyond amazing to me.  So if anyone has any questions about beauty just hit on the Contact Us tab and fire away.  I will be sure to find the answer for you.  I do my best to stay connected  with those in my field who I deem way beyond the expertise that I have, otherwise what would be learned if I don't stay connected. Today changes are happening every other day even hours.  So, I rely on the Plastic Surgeon I work for part time and a few of the other Doctors in town, (Derms, Plastic Surgeons, Dentist etc.) the MANY masterful makeup artist that I know and have worked with, (my playing ground since 1994...I say that year and I think of PRINCE...more about him towards the end), an absolute great network of estheticians, as well as a couple of business owners out here who have been rather generous with their knowledge! The other area of greatness would be the journeys of motherhood....I am laughing out loud right now because I raised a gorgeous and I literally mean GORGEOUS inside and out daughter, her mind is freaking amazing to me, yes sure she and all of us will always be age appropriate, but I love to listen or these days more likely to read the texts between us.  For the exceptional PMS bouts, she is mentally put together nicely. Well yup, here is why I mentioned laughing out loud,  she is in her early thirty's and I get to do it ALL over again with my change of life son who is all but 7 years old. Laughing out Loud again, must be the nerves of it all, but who knows maybe you will hear a mention about the early days with my son.  However, today,at the present time, the time that is the only important time, I have been so blessed (lucky) with what life chose to gift me with and I'm sure others in other ways with!

Well that's it for today.... Please feel free to connect with me.  I'm not sure when I will be back on, soon I would imagine as it is new, but I have constructed my life to not be appointed to one specific thing and this weekend was my first weekend where I was free (oh, we will so talk about being free in blogs ahead), so I decided to fill my sleepless nights blogging!

Here is where I mention PRINCE...his life inspired me to do this Blog, Blog, Blah.

 Lisa Ginel
                         Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called LIFE

                                                                              June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016