I have never had a facial before and when I did I got it with Lisa.  My skin was noticeably different to me and my co-workorkers.  I am much happier with my skin and recommend her to everyone who compliments my skin. 


FACIALS:   Read what they are saying: 

I had been seeing my Dermatologist and she introduced me to her new medial aesthetician.  I was left with my mouth opened.  Lisa not only cleared my skin, but her treatments have left my skin virtually flawless.  She is quite the superstar in my eyes.  


Sweet Lisa, she is so sweet, so funny and so down to earth.  Best of all my skin is looks GREAT! 

                                     Joanne Ramirez

I'm a 55 year old woman and after seeing the results from a friend of mine I decided I should  meet with Lisa.   WOW...I have received so many compliments on my lashes. So we, my daughters and I have decided to hire Lisa as our very own beauty guru.  

Rebecca Stewart



I don't live in the desert, but I visit quite often. I needed a fill and my friend recommended Lisa, when I went back home my lady asked me who did your lashes and after a few other questions had me call Lisa so she can carry what she uses.  Now my lash lady loves Lisa too.  BINGO! One of the most real and down to earth people out there today.

Wanda Mercado

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MAKE-UP:   Read what they are saying:

My experience with all of Lisa's services have been above & beyond!  I receive so many flattering compliments about my lashes.  I swear by her & tell everyone that will listen, knowing they will be satisfied! xxoo Thank you Lisa!


One of the most generous ladies I have ever met.  Found her on instagram.  My facialashionista I love you girl!


Lisa Did my makeup for my wedding and I looked and felt beautiful.  A few weeks after my wedding I was recounting all the memorable events.  Lisa is the QUEEN of excellence.  She makes you feel  comfortable, seemingly removing all anxiety and  gave me the best advice.  She said, "Julie, I would like for you to speak with your Mom before we apply the makeup."  When I came back to Lisa,  she hugged me, we laughed and said, "time to rock n roll."  If I spoke with my mother after the application it would have been a disaster! Love HER. 

Julie P.


Lisa is my one stop lady.  I get super excited when I see her and I see her a lot. She does my facials, my lashes, my waxing and my makeup!  SHE IS AMAZING.  I wish she was my stylist too.  She takes care of me like a gem that she herself indeed is.  I highly recommend you try any of her services, you will be hooked.  Thank you Lisa!

Michel Gregorio

I met Lisa during fashion week one year.  She was one of the makeup artist for the show. She was so excited as she was showing me some of the models she did.  I remember looking at her makeup and asked her if she would like to do mine for a special event. Ever since then I have grown to know Lisa as a makeup artist and as a person.  Passionate about her work and passionate about life.  We have shared incredible stories and I hope to know her forever!  Folks, Lisa is the real deal and I am fortunate to have found her in the audience on that day!


Lisa makes sure my lashes are healthy, and I love that she changes the look every now and again.  I'm more spontaneous than I am a planner, so keeping appointments are challenging for me, but I never miss my appointments with her.   I always recommend her work. 


I wish I knew Lisa all my life.  She is super cool and makes me look and feel Beautiful.

Honestly, I can't say enough wonderful things about her.  She is polite, professional, polished and PERFECT.  

Debrah Loft

LASHES:   Read what they are saying:

Lisa works her craft like Magic!  My skin has been transformed from dull to vibrant with her treatments!  I would highly recommend her! 

If there is one thing I APPRECIATE about Lisa, its her fine attention to detail.  After intently listening to my concerns, the results are even better!  The bonus is she is simply a beautiful person to know.  I look forward to  all of our appointments; lashes, custom facials and waxing


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My experience with Lisa Ginel's services have been excellent,  I'm very with my skin care results.  Her treatments on me have been amazing and she has such a great personality that make my visits with her wonderful.  I'm very satisfied having her as my skin specialist.                                                                                   Patty Martinez

The Best time getting your makeup done with Lisa.  She has an amazing personality and makes me look and feel beautiful~xxoo 

Marty Sicari

Lisa's hands and expertise on skin is truly impressive.  I am never bored and always look forward to what she will do next, as I trust her abilities so much.  Even my husband comments on my skin now.   Lisa, really is the best and she has such a wonderful personality.  I honestly love going to see her!

​                                                 Nancy Wells

I was fortunate to have experienced the best facial I've ever had with Lisa.  My face was smooth and looked so radiant. 

                                        Brenda Kason

Lisa did my make up for an event that I had to attend.  She made me look so beautiful and definitely not over done.  It was as perfect as perfect can be.  I attend to many events and Lisa is my make artist for ALL my special events.  I absolutely treasure you sweet girl.  A client for life.

Johanna Padilla

By: Lisa Ginel

There are two types of facials I enjoy.  1st is treatment and the 2nd is relaxing.  Lisa's treatment facials produce results and her hands are magic.  I always have a problem leaving her bed. Highly recommend her for either.

                                     Marilyn Estevez   

Lisa's fun loving energy is infectious and she leaves you empowered with words and her work as a makeup artist.  I am most happy with her abilities and the services she provides. Big things in store for this innovative and brilliant young lady!  I just hope she doesn't leave the desert.

Leslie Sands

Love her and LOVE her work PERIOD!