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September 19, 2016

WOW--it's been 4.5 months since my last blog and WOW has there been a lot going on.  Does anyone else keep a mental note of everything that takes place in their life?  I know I do and its amazing of the accomplishments, because no matter what we ALWAYS want to focus on the things that lift us.

However there have been some, hmmmmmmm I don't want to say sad things, so I will just say, "Lifes' Realties" confront me literally one right after the other.  I'm speaking of family and friends losing their battle and passing on.  I have found I take their best and plant it in my soul and do my very best to carry on.  Sure I have my moments, but I am reminded that LIFE is to be participated and not wasted.

On a lighter note, I did some traveling this summer, went to Hawaii for a daughters wedding.  WOW was she a beautiful bride and her husband and his family just as beautiful.  

Left hot Palm Springs and flew out to Long Island to spend my best days with my granddaughter, friends I haven't seen in such a long time, Tina, from Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedies.  Check them out if you are in touch with your Chakras energy.  There was Sonny laughed so much with you Sonny girl, thank you as we drove my daughters guest car (inside joke) and JoAnn, your effort warmed my heart and you are as beautiful as look soooooo you ladies. Didn't see everyone I wanted, and it could have been a scandal, but I bowed out of that one...I think, but who cares I love them anyways LOL.  Saw some oldie and goodies Helene and Vanessa, love them also these are definitely my Bronx girls :).  My sister cousin and spent some good time with my daughter and son-in-law....WOW, I left feeling quite wonderful.

Next trip was New Orleans to see my Dad aka Big Poppa.  He is AWESOME filled with laughter, contentment and his life, as he did it his way!! my younger brother, his Mom, she's adorable.  I had a great time and all the travel was journeyed with my son.  We got back to California just in time before the heavy rains in New Orleans touch down and WOW, if they didn't hit the next day after I left.

Back home August 13th...and home is now San Diego and now a whole new set of "FUN" fun is my work...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do. New town for me, met great people...Meleah I assist her with weddings, she has won all sorts of awards, Intimate Photography with Barbara, I do the makeup and hair for those intimate sessions.....and wait for it....wait for it....I just opened my own shop YAY, YAY, YAY....I shouldn't go so fast yet, as I sign the lease on Wednesday September 21st...because while that is a great WOW...tomorrow it's all about turning that WOW upside down to MOM and celebrate my son's 8th birthday...another WOW for this MOM!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   LOVE MY NEW ADDRESS   


Lisa's Beauty Loft
10869 Woodside, Suite 202

Santee, CA 92071




By: Lisa Ginel